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New role for HS2’s first official employee

Technical director Andrew McNaughton will become HS2’s new strategic technical adviser in the new year.

The part-time role will see Andrew provide strategic advice and assurance to the HS2 executive on technical matters. He will also advise the Department of Transport and other government departments on wider transport matters.

Andrew, a former chief engineer for Network Rail, became the company’s first employee when he joined HS2 as chief engineer in 2009, helping to guide it from concept to the edge of reality.

He was appointed technical director at HS2 in February 2012 and made responsible for developing the principles, network and specific route design for high speed rail in Great Britain.

He said: “After leading the design and authorisation phases of HS2 for the last nine years I am stepping back from a full-time executive leadership function to this more strategic role which, I am delighted to say, will continue my strong link with HS2 whilst also giving me more freedom to advise the government here, and others elsewhere, on both high speed railway development, and wider transport issues.”

Andrew Mcnaughton. Photo: HS2.
Andrew McNaughton. Photo: HS2.

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HS2 chief executive Mark Thurston added: “Andrew was not only our first employee, but has also been an inspiration to many of those who have joined since.

“He has been critical in establishing the project and in recruiting the highly talented team that will carry his and many others’ work through to fruition.

“We will continue to lean heavily on his expertise, at the same time as benefiting from the perspective Andrew gains from his work with other organisations.”

Andrew will step down from his full-time role leading the technical directorate and take on the new position from January 2. He will continue to report to Mark Thurston. An announcement on the future leadership of the technical directorate will be made shortly.

Andrew will continue to be chairman of the World High Speed Rail Committee. He is also special professor of rail engineering at Nottingham University, a visiting professor of engineering at both Imperial College London and Southampton University, vice chair of the EU Transport Advisory Group, chair of the European Rail Research Advisory Council and special advisor on rail to the Australian Government.

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