GWR comes to the aid of film producer after he loses Oscar award

Photo: Baona.
Photo: Baona.

An artificial leg, pets and a clarinet; some of the most unusual items that have been left onboard train services in the UK.

Gareth Ellis-Unwin trumped the lot when he stepped off a GWR train without his Oscar in February.

After travelling from London to Didcot Parkway, Oxfordshire, the award-winning producer realised he’d left the train without his briefcase which had the golden statuette inside.

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Gareth Ellis-Unwin's Oscar pictured in the GWR office. Photo: GWR.
Gareth Ellis-Unwin’s Oscar pictured in the GWR office. Photo: GWR.

“Mad panic” and multiple phone calls to lost property followed and after a three hour ordeal, Gareth – who picked up the award for the hit film The King’s Speech in 2011 – accepted the Oscar for the second time.

He later said he’d had a “bit of an evening” and tweeted his thanks to GWR.

GWR also tweeted, writing: “We were delighted to be able to re-unite [Gareth Ellis-Unwin] with his Oscar which was left on our train. No hesitation or stuttering on our part for The King’s Speech producer!”

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