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New commissioner to oversee HS2 complaints

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Margaret Thatcher’s former private secretary has been appointed as an independent construction commissioner for HS2.

Sir Mark Worthington, who has more than 20 years’ experience working with government, will independently investigate matters that have not reached a satisfactory conclusion through HS2 Ltd’s own complaints process.

His duties include: mediating unresolved disputes between HS2 Ltd and individuals or bodies; monitoring complaints and providing reports on trends; providing advice on how to reduce the number of complaints; and developing and maintaining good relationships with the public, industry groups, local authorities, HS2 Ltd, contractors and businesses.

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Sir Mark Worthington said: “As we deliver HS2, the new high-speed railway our country needs for growth, regeneration and better journeys, it is vital that we do so with respect and fairness to those impacted by construction.

“I’m looking forward to taking up this post and working hard to ensure residents and businesses along the route know they can seek fair and independent resolution of complaints if necessary.”

No start date for when Sir Mark begins his new role has been set.

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