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Angling victory

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Gavin Millward, an electrical control operator for Network Rail, won the 30th RailSport National Angling contest with a total catch of 172lb 2oz.

In second place was Jim Clewes with 146lb 6oz while Lee Kendal finished in third with 137lb 4oz.

Colleagues from Bombardier, BTP, Great Central Railway, Loram, telent and Vital took part in individual and team competitions. One competitor even travelled from the Netherlands to take part. 

The team event was narrowly won by Wigan Four (Rob and Dave Dawber, Darren Smethurst and Kevin Melville) with 13 points, equal to Vital RAIC  but with an overall heavier catch. Third place went to Sheffield Midland with 15 points. During the four-hour match at Makins Fisheries, Nuneaton, a total of 5,547lbs of fish was landed by the 156 anglers who had to contend with heavy rain for most of the morning.