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In focus: Lens technology

Protective eyewear manufacturer Bollé Safety has developed ‘Platinum’, an exclusive new permanent lens coating that provides wearers in the rail industry with improved levels of protection, comfort and clarity. 

Covering both sides of the lens, this innovative coating gives goggles and glasses a high resistance to scratching and aggressive chemicals and also delays the onset of fogging. 

Platinum is available in the following ranges of safety glasses and goggles: 180, Atom, B808, Backdraft, Baxter, Cobra, Contour, Coverall, IRI-s, Ness+, Pilot, Rush+, Silium+, Slam+, Super Blast, Tracker, Tryon and Ultim8.

It is also available in different lens options, including comfort sensor perception (CSP), which provides maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as potentially damaging exposure to blue light. CSP is therefore very suitable for workplaces with extreme temperatures and those that alternate between exposure to bright and low lighting conditions. 

Similarly, the company’s Twilight technology, which filters 76 per cent of blue light and is designed to be used in low light conditions by improving contrast – making it ideal for early morning and late evening work – can also be combined with the Platinum coating. 

Ian Walbeoff, general manager at Bollé Safety, said: “We have always had an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating on our lenses but we developed Platinum not to only comply with the EN166 K and N standard but to surpass it. 

“Users needed a product that didn’t fog up during use whatever they were doing and whatever time of year. 

“A lens can fog up on the inside and the outside and the Platinum coating prevents this from happening irrespective of the weather or the work that someone is doing.”


Bollé has also recently added a new product to its range of prescription safety glasses. Tryon offers prescription wearers a stylish wrap-around sports frame with the latest lens technology – including ‘Platinum’ – to optimise vision. 

To purchase employees’ prescription safety glasses, procurers are encouraged to buy one of Bollé’s ‘all-inclusive prescription packs’ from their nearest Bollé Safety distributor, which contains all of the relevant information. The employee will then visit their optician with the pack, from which point Bollé takes care of the process. 

The Bollé Safety webshop allows opticians to see a computer-generated image of the finished product. This will show the various lens measurements plus lens thickness and weight, allowing the optician to provide more tailored advice and ensure the wearer picks up the most suitable product. It also gives employers a complete order history and up to the minute information.

Bollé’s vision

All versions of the above ranges are approved to the highest European safety standards while also incorporating the unique Bollé Safety Platinum lens expertise, guaranteeing class 1 optical performance and quality.

Ian added: “It is our shared commitment to provide the highest quality protection for all of our rail users which is why the Bollé brand is a strong brand. Ultra-innovative materials, lenses and accessories of all the Bollé Safety and Tactical ranges have a simple goal: to prevent eye injuries, provide maximum comfort to users with design and performance, and reduce cost in use.” 


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