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New freight route brings vital cargo from Spain

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Transfesa Logistics, the DB Cargo partner in Spain (owned 70.29% by Deutsche Bahn Iberica Holding and 20.35% by Spanish state operator Renfe), has recently started a new express 72-hour rail service for essential hygiene and medical products from terminals in Valencia and Murcia to London.

With the launch of these new routes, the company is altering its services to account for the current demand for vital deliveries taking precedence over commercial goods.

Bernd Hullerum, CEO of Transfesa Logistics,said: “This is another step in the development of our international corridors, thus expanding services to a strategic segment. In Valencia we have also just opened a 2000m² warehouse for food products. The railway is, now more than ever, the most sustainable and reliable means of transport.”

The new service will be operated using refrigerated containers, expanding Transfesa Logistics’ capabilities that, up to now, have concentrated on moving fruit and vegetables. A new, lighter container is being used, so each train can move around 30 containers, expanding capacity and reducing the number of lorries on the road.