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Translink releases two large Trainbows onto the Northern Ireland network

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Northern Ireland’s Translink has given two trains very special makeovers in support of the #ChaseTheRainbow movement sweeping the nation.

Translink unveils ‘Trainbow’ symbols of hope . Photo by Aaron McCracken.

The two ‘Trainbows’ will be moving symbols of hope and solidarity for people as they see them travelling across the network. The launch forms part of Translink’s #ChaseTheRainbow campaign which uses its vehicles, bus shelters, billboards and social media to display uplifting ‘rainbows of hope’ while also promoting important safety advice to stay home and save lives during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As a result of the campaign, the public has already shared hundreds of ‘rainbows of hope’ drawings on social media and many of the images will soon appear on buses and billboards in coming weeks.

However, Translink is as pains to remind people that they should only travel by bus or train if they are making essential journeys. Passengers should also wash hands before they travel, follow social distancing rules on board services and use cashless payment options or have the correct change as change cannot be given on board.

Photo by Aaron McCracken.