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Dr Thomas Ahlburg has left his post as group CEO of Stadler, the Swiss train manufacturer “Due to different views regarding Stadler’s strategic and organisational development”.

Until a successor is appointed, Peter Spuhler, chairman of the board of directors, will take over the function of the Group CEO ad interim.

Dr Ahlburg apparently wishes to change his career direction and to become an independent entrepreneur in the future. Ge will continue to serve the company as a Senior Advisor until the end of 2020.

Peter Spuhler thanked Dr Ahlburg for his great commitment to Stadler in his role as group CEO, which he had held since 1 January 2018, and in his previous position as CEO of Stadler Bussnang. “Although not always of the same opinion, I have come to know and appreciate Thomas as a passionate and pragmatic CEO,” he said.

Peter Spuhler was group CEO until 1 January 2018, when Thomas Ahlburg took over, so this is nothing new for him. He said: “I am convinced of the quality of our employees and the management team, which is reflected in the rail vehicles and services that are reliably deployed around the globe.”