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Horrifying image of woman attempting to cross live railway with a pushchair

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A woman has been seen trying to cross the track with her pram at Hilsea station near Portsmouth – an area with a third-rail electrical supply.

Her attempt was captured by a train’s on-board camera. It shows the woman walking with a buggy to the end of the platform and down the ramp which leads to track as she was attempting to cross over to the other side of the station.

The driver of the 11:45am South Western Railway Portsmouth Harbour service to London Waterloo narrowly missed her, who was standing in the area next to the track.

Mark Killick, Network Rail Wessex route director said: “The behaviour at Hilsea station is deeply concerning and shows that people are completely oblivious to the dangers they are putting themselves in.

“This incident could have easily ended in tragedy, and the lives of the woman’s family and that of the train driver could have changed forever.

“It is absolutely vital no-one should ever attempt to either get close to or cross the track.”

Neil Gillies, head of drivers at South Western Railway, said: “Near misses like this one at Hilsea station can also seriously affect the train drivers who witness these incidents. We’re glad no-one was injured, but this woman had a very luck escape.

“You may think walking across the tracks will save time, but it could cost your life.”