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Frazer-Nash welcomes head of human resources Sam Geis to the board

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Sam Geis, head of human resources at Frazer-Nash since 2017, is taking up the newly created role of People Director, an appointment underpins the company’s strategy of placing its ‘People’ agenda at the very highest level of the business.

Managing director Neil McDougall explained: “Since starting with us in 2017, Sam has championed dynamic change within the human resources team and the broader business. Sam has taken the lead on people activity, including the move to business partnering, developing our diversity and inclusion programme, playing a central role on engagement during the pandemic and introducing a new approach to managing our people’s performance

“People are at our core. We are the company, the way we act and the way we behave are central to our future success and wellbeing. It is why ‘We Care’ is so important to us as a value.

“In elevating our ‘People’ agenda to the highest level in the business, we will make sure that we, as directors, focus on what is important for us all as employees, leading to a better future.”

Commenting on her appointment, Sam said: “I see the Board’s invitation to join them in delivering our long-term business strategy as recognition of the importance of our people.

“Our human resources team will continue to focus on creating an environment where everyone can be their very best selves. And we’ll work to support our ‘one Frazer-Nash’ culture, where our values are lived and placed at the very heart of everything we do.

“From a personal perspective, I am delighted. Frazer-Nash is a fantastic company that is dedicated to delivering the very best for its customers and creating an environment where its people can flourish.”