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Footbridge repaired and refurbished at Elmers End

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Elmers End station footbridge, which links Platforms 2 and 3, has been refurbished at a cost of £600,000.

Extensive steel work repairs have been carried out on the structure, while timber panels and supporting beans and brick work have been repaired and replaced.. The deck walkway has been renewed with an anti-slip surface and the structure has been repainted.

Elmers End station is on the Hayes Line with three platforms. Platform 1 is used by the tram service while national rail trains use platform two and three. A footbridge links platform 2 and 3, which has been refurbished.

During the project, engineers:

  • Replaced footbridge canopy sheets
  • Installed and replaced mesh on the parapet wall
  • Repaired and replaced electrical items
  • Replaced all timber stair treads and decking with new GRP products
  • Repainted the entire footbridge
  • Repaired damaged steel work
  • Repaired tarmac at the bottom of the stairs

 A temporary scaffold footbridge was also installed adjacent to the permanent footbridge during the works, which allowed the project to finish 10 weeks ahead of schedule. Final finishing works to the footbridge canopies will also be completed in the coming weeks.

Fiona Taylor, Kent route director for Network Rail, said: “We are delighted to have completed this work at Elmers End which sees the station refreshed for the benefit of passengers and the local community.

“The upgrade at Elmers End will bring many benefits to all those who use the station, making the experience more pleasant for travellers.”