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Eurotunnel Border Pass set to simplify international freight movements

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Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union finally having been reached, ending a long period of uncertainty, Eurotunnel operator GetLink has launched the Eurotunnel Border Pass. 

This new service will enable customers to upload all the data needed for their journey to a virtual wallet, accessible during their crossing by Eurotunnel and the authorities of the two states, in a highly secure format.

Despite agreement having been reached only one week before the end of the Transition period, during which European Union law has continued to apply in the United Kingdom, this agreement will be applied by Eurotunnel from 1 January 2021.

Since the Referendum in the UK in 2016, Eurotunnel has worked with the two governments to provide its customers with the fastest and easiest service for crossing the Channel. The Group has invested €47 million to modernise and adapt its infrastructure to ensure the fluidity of both the border crossing and the traffic through the Tunnel. 

The Eurotunnel Border Pass, in particular, will enable the transfer of data needed for goods to cross the border from hauliers to Eurotunnel and then from Eurotunnel to the authorities in each country in a secure digital form, without truck drivers having to leave their vehicles or even present a document at the border crossing.

Yann Leriche, Chief Executive Officer of Getlink, stated: “Eurotunnel and its 2,500 employees are committed to providing a reliable high-performance service to facilitate our customers’ lifestyles, as is our role as the uncontested leader across the Channel.”