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Railway charities extend free will writing service for a year

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UK rail charities Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) and Railway Mission have extended their free will writing service for a year after over 1,000 people created a will in March. Their ‘Make a Will Month’ campaign, launched last month, was kindly supported by the Retired Rail Officers Society (RROS).

The charity’s free will writing service is provided by Bequeathed, and gives users the option to start their will online or over the phone. Bequeathed’s accredited legal firms donate up to 30 minutes of their expertise to help users make their will. Once completed, the legal firm will send out the will, which needs to be signed in front of witnesses, and returned to the firm for free secure storage.

Users of the free will writing service are under no obligation to include RBF or Railway Mission in their will. However, the charities hope that many in the industry will take the opportunity to consider supporting them. A gift left in a will, such as a donation, or a percentage of an estate, ensures that RBF and Railway Mission can continue to support the Railway Family going through difficult times when they need them.

Claire Houghton, CEO of the Railway Benefit Fund, said:

“We are amazed at the incredible take up we saw during March and are delighted to be able to extend our free will writing service for a year. We’d also like to thank everyone who has made a donation or left a legacy when creating their will- this support enables our charities to be there for the Railway Family long into the future.”

Liam Johnston, Executive Director of Railway Mission said:

“In 2020 research from Canada Life today revealed that three in five (59%) of UK adults have not written a will. This equates to 31 million people, whose property, financial and other assets could be left to someone they have not chosen when they die. Railway Mission is delighted to be able to help the railway family write a will, free of charge, that will help ensure your ‘will’ is their choice.”

Visit the charities’ websites to create your free will today.

RBF: www.railwaybenefitfund.org.uk/events/make-a-will-month

Railway Mission: https://railwaymission.org/make-a-free-will-month