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Aid for Ukraine

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In the past few months, the UK rail industry has joined together to facilitate sending more than a million items of aid to Ukraine in response to the humanitarian crisis in the region.

UK Rail for Ukraine, a cross-industry initiative set up by volunteers in early February, brought together large quantities of humanitarian aid from across the country. In mid-April, a first aid train left the UK on a special DB Cargo service bound for Ukraine, where it will be received by organisations working on the ground.

The service carried more than 1,500 tonnes consisting of a range of aid, including non-perishable food, hygiene and medical products, basic living equipment, and other much-needed supplies that have been donated from a wide range of businesses and organisations following requests for aid from the Ukrainian authorities.

Transported in 24 shipping containers over a 500-metre train, the aid transported by UK Rail for Ukraine was labelled in all three languages to assist with distribution.

Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom said: “I am expressing my gratitude to the UK Railway industry and everyone who contributed to the UK Rail for Ukraine initiative. We greatly appreciate your support during such challenging times.
“Despite the complexity of the logistic routes, the industry managed to organise a delivery directly to the places of greatest need in Ukraine.”

“In addition to the humanitarian aid gathered by volunteers from different businesses and organizations, UK Railway facilitated the delivery of 21 powerful industrial generators purchased by the Ukrainian Embassy which are imperative for Ukraine’s energy sector.”

Andrea Rossi, chief executive officer of DB Cargo UK said: “Across Europe, DB Cargo is already leading the way in delivering humanitarian aid by rail to the Ukraine, having recently developed the first rail bridge to the war-torn region.”

“Here in the UK, we are pleased to be able to support the ongoing aid effort to deliver essential supplies to ease the suffering of the Ukrainian people impacted and displaced by the atrocities that are unfolding.”

Further donations and contributions
Those wishing to make smaller or general donations are encouraged to provide financial support to the Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (https://www.dec.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-humanitarian-appeal).

While further UK Rail for Ukraine services are not scheduled at this time, those who may have large quantities of high value physical items to donate are asked to contact Tony Gillan, International Product Manager via [email protected].

Businesses wishing to offer work to Ukrainians in or outside the country are encouraged to contact the International Chamber of Commerce which is coordinating efforts through its Centre for Entrepreneurship for Ukraine via [email protected].