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Siemens Mobility recruits ex-armed forces personnel for Military2Rail programme

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Twelve former armed forces personnel have embarked on a new career in the rail industry. Recruited as part of Siemens Mobility’s Military2Rail initiative, the recruits undertook an intensive, six-week training programme before starting their permanent roles in the business.

With a combined military service of 158 years, the group includes former Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy personnel, with backgrounds ranging from aircraft engineers to submarine communication network specialists.

Rob Morris, Managing Director of Rail Infrastructure for Siemens Mobility in the UK, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these twelve exceptional individuals, each of whom brings an incredible set of skills. For a number of years, we have benefitted from the experience and expertise that ex-forces personnel have brought to our business and the wider rail industry, not just technically but also in terms of their invaluable leadership and team-working skills.

“We deliver complex and logistically challenging infrastructure projects right across the UK and so the skillset this group is bringing is perfect for our business. The training that forces personnel receive is second to none and so we’re not only pleased from a business point of view to have recruited such a talented group, but also as a signatory of the military covenant, we’re delighted to provide new career opportunities for new careers to military personnel.”    

Ryan Smith, formerly a Lance Corporal in the Army, said: “I’m incredibly excited to have joined the Military2Rail programme and to be setting out on a new career. Having already spoken to several ex-service people who are employed by Siemens Mobility, I know that I’ll be well supported and well trained as I transition to my new role. I’m looking forward to contributing to the business and to be working on the future railway, a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure.”

The initial training for the recruits included first aid and track safety training along with basic signalling technology. This was reinforced by bespoke and individual-to-role training.

On completion of their training, the recruits have taken on a range of roles within Siemens Mobility across the UK, including Network Engineers, Planners, Environment, Health and Safety Advisors and Project Managers.

Photo credit: Siemens Mobility