The Rail Safety Summit Returns – September 2022

The Rail Safety Summit, returns on 13 September 2022 at Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough University. The conference has brought rail safety professionals together for the last ten years and provides a unique opportunity for them to network and discuss the latest concerns and developments, while hearing from those involved with developing new systems to drive safety up and risk down.

The event sees expert industry professionals present the latest information and developments within their field of expertise alongside companies exhibiting the most innovative products and services within the rail industry. Leaders in rail safety, academics, and hands-on safety specialists learn from each other, and no topic is too difficult for the well-respected expert panel to tackle.

Confirmed speakers for 2022 include: 

As the industry bounces back after a challenging few years and tirelessly strives to meet the challenge of net-zero, the maintenance and construction of rail assets in a sustainable and resilient manner has never been more important. But safety must remain at the heart of these activities. 

Protecting our passengers and the people who keep the rail running is a central concern and must be the priority when work is being planned on the railway. With this in mind, the Rail Safety Summit is an event that cannot be missed! 

For tickets visit: www.railsummits.com/event/Safety-2022/tickets

Please feel free to contact us to discuss promotional and sponsorship opportunities: rp@rail-media.com

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