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Zonegreen protects fuel roads at busy Derby depot

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Sheffield-based Zonegreen is bringing new safety measures to of one of Derby’s busiest rail depots.

The rail safety specialist has upgraded existing protection and installed a train movement warning system at Etches Park in Derby, to enhance the working environment.

Zonegreen’s Train Movement Warning System is now controlling the safe arrival and departure of vehicles on four fuel roads at Etches Park, as part of enhancements being made to allow the maintenance and upkeep of new class 180 Hitachi rolling stock.

Staff activate the warning system via an operator panel, allowing two shunt signals on each road to control inbound and outbound vehicle movements. Once a train has been set to proceed by the shunt signal, warning beacons flash to alert staff working on the road of the approaching vehicle. As the roads are in close proximity to each other and on a curve, different coloured warning beacons have been used to distinguish which road is active.

If a vehicle passes a signal in error and enters a road that has not had a movement initiated, treadles have also been installed to detect the danger and trigger the flashing warning beacons to alert staff. The system is also interlocked to avoid conflict and ensure only one movement per road can take place at any time.

Working in collaboration with main contractor, Keir and depot operator, East Midlands Railway (EMR), Zonegreen has also developed an overview screen for the warning system that is installed in the shunter’s office, allowing activity on all four fuel roads to be monitored.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s head of engineering, said: “Fuel roads are very busy, particularly at night, when vehicles are being prepared for service the next day. This means workers face a number of dangers in these areas of a depot and we’re really pleased to see EMR taking positive steps to reduce the risks to its staff.”

The warning system is the latest Zonegreen innovation to be adopted by Etches Park. The firm’s flagship Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) has controlled activity on one fuel road, six maintenance roads and the wheel lathe since the facility opened in 2010. It was recently upgraded and expanded to another single-ended road as part of a major programme of work designed to provide capacity for the growing fleet of trains.

Christian added: “We have an excellent working relationship with the team at Etches Park and it has been a pleasure to design a new warning system that will significantly improve working conditions in the depot. Contrary to common perception, trains moving at low speeds are very quiet and can creep up on you, particularly if workers are under time pressures and have a large number of vehicles to refuel.”

For more information about Zonegreen’s Train Movement Warning Systems or its suite of depot protection technology, telephone (0114) 230 0822, visit www.zonegreen.co.uk or follow the firm on LinkedIn: Zonegreen Ltd.

Image credit: Zonegreen