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RailStaff Awards 2024 – The countdown starts now

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Can you hear that? It’s the clock ticking down on the 2024 RailStaff Awards. It’s less than six months away. How time flies!

That’s fewer than 24 weeks to make your nominations. 168 days to choose your outfit. 4,032 hours to wait patiently, counting down the minutes to the big event.

Each year, the RailStaff Awards astonishes attendees with an extravaganza bigger and bolder than the year before. And it’s no easy feat. Here at RailMedia, it’s a hive of activity as we prepare long in advance to make it a night you’ll remember.

Celebrating the trailblazers

In 2024, we bring you 20 categories for which to nominate your colleagues and co-workers, including a brand-new award.

The Rail Ambassador of the Year Award recognises individuals who have demonstrated unwavering dedication to promoting and advancing the rail industry.

Awarded in honour of Tom O’Connor, the esteemed founder of Rail Media and visionary behind the RailStaff Awards, it celebrates those who go above and beyond to champion the industry, serve as positive advocates, and inspire others through their innovative ideas and initiatives.

The recipient of this award is a trailblazer and influencer, continually cheerleading for the rail industry while also showcasing their own contributions. They actively adopt and embrace all aspects of the industry and consistently promote its importance and benefits to society.

If you know someone who fits the bill, who is unwavering in their support of the industry and eager to let everybody know about it, nominate them today!

A helping hand

It’s not that straightforward though, is it? Where do you even start with something like this?

If you head over to our brand-new website, you’ll find everything you need to help you through the process and answers to all your questions about the event.

To nominate somebody who deserves an award, a good place to start is to first write down the things that you most admire about the person: their cheerfulness, positive outlook, or determination. Are they a person who stands by their colleagues? Do they go out of their way to make other people’s days easier?

Next, write down a specific incident which typifies the qualities you know this person has. Perhaps they helped to organise a charity event or put in a last-minute shift to help out a colleague. It could be an act of bravery, rescuing a passenger from an incident, or assisting someone who had become lost. Include the approximate date and location.
Finally, visit railstaffawards.com and click on ‘Nominate Now‘.

At any stage of the process feel free to contact [email protected]. We can help with advice on how to draft a nomination.

But remember: You must obtain the approval of the nominee’s manager or director, along with a photo of the nominee, before submitting the nomination.

A glittering evening

If you’ve never been to the RailStaff Awards before, now is the time to book your tickets and prepare to hear the voice of the industry.

Attendees are guaranteed an amazing experience with delicious food and drink, and spectacular entertainment.

Whether you’re nominated or nominating, make sure to grab your ticket to the rail industry’s greatest night of the year. You absolutely don’t want to miss out.