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IRSA and UIC join forces to support Médecins du Monde

The International Railway Sports Association (USIC) and the International Union of Railways (UIC) have agreed to donate the proceeds from their sporting events to a chosen charity.

Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) will benefit from money collected from USIC sporting challenges held across the world, including a futsal tournament in Czech Republic, bowling in Bulgaria and angling in Ireland.

Médecins du Monde Executive Director Joël Weiler said: “At Médecins du Monde, we very much appreciate this joint initiative from UIC and USIC.

“We are deeply grateful for the international mobilisation of both organisations and of all the people that feel concerned by our cause.

“This gives us hope, as we see that the values of solidarity and tolerance are shared and passed on.”

The agreement was made in Paris on May 9.