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City council to look at opening new railway station in Plympton

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Plymouth City Council has commissioned a feasibility study to assess the demand for a new railway station in Plympton.

It will examine the potential use of a station on the Exeter-Plymouth line for connecting commuters to the two cities, possible locations in the Plympton area and the level of demand necessary to make it viable.

In addition, the study will look at ways to improve rail services at Ivybridge station as part of the council’s long-term transport strategy to improve mobility.

Plympton used to have a railway station but it was closed in the 1950s.

Council leader Ian Bowyer said, ‘We are working with the Peninsula Rail Task Force to campaign for resilient, faster services with more capacity on our long distance services, but we are also exploring opportunities to improve connectivity within the region and give people more options to use public transport.

 ‘We first need to establish what sort of demand there might be for a station in the east side of Plymouth  as well as seeing what measures can be taken to improve journeys for commuters using the train from Ivybridge.’

Plympton railway station pictured in 1898.

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