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Major work to recover derailed freight train in Anglia

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An army of engineers has begun a major recovery in Anglia following the derailment of a freight train.

A Colas Rail crane was called in to lift 11 wagons from the tracks after the incident in Ely on August 14.

Network Rail said that each empty wagon weighs 11 tonnes, with the heaviest – including its contents – weighing 106 tonnes.

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The 1/4 mile of track needs to be replaced and the section is expected to reopen on August 21.

Network Rail’s chief operator officer for Anglia Simon Ancona, said:, ‘We have an army of experts and specialist teams who are working day and night to remove the wagons as quickly as possible.

‘Once they are out of the way we can replace the tracks, carry out the necessary repairs, reopen the line and get passengers on the move again.’

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