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Using touch to treat trauma

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MAX Conflict Management’s Mark Wingfield will be at the RailSafety Summit this month to explain how a new therapy based around touch can be used to help railway staff who have experienced a trauma.

Mark is a certified practitioner of a therapeutic treatment called Havening Techniques. It is described as a psycho-sensory therapy that employs physical touch as a treatment.

Mark is already working with train operators and believes the therapy could particularly help those who have witnessed a suicide incident.

Says Mark, ’Some find it difficult to believe that one application – often within an hour – can be so radically effective. Being healthily sceptical is a good place to be, that’s exactly where I was before I first started training to be a certified practitioner. Havening is not a magic bullet or indeed a miracle cure – but sometimes it really feels like it.’

A proponent of the technique is hypnotist and behavioural therapist Paul McKenna. At a conference in 2016, he treated a British Transport Police (BTP) officer who was still exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the 7/7 bombings. Mark said the officer’s wife had attended the same conference this year and described the positive influence the treatment has had on their family life.

Mark will be speaking at the RailSafety Summit on 13 September and is looking for volunteers willing to receive the treatment live in front of the conference’s audience. Volunteers wouldn’t have to disclose any details about their issue to take part.

To find out more e-mail Rail Media ([email protected]) or contact Mark directly at MAX Conflict Management.