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Greater Anglia reminds customers that smoking is forbidden

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Following a number of incidents which have inconvenienced customers and caused costly delays, Greater Anglia is reminding rail passengers not to smoke on trains.

The train operator has reported that, in the last eight months, there have been eight incidents across the network where people have been caught smoking or vaping in train toilets.

These have led to a total of more than 100 minutes of delays and five cancellations, as staff deal with the incidents, costing Greater Anglia about £20,000 and causing great inconvenience to customers.

So passengers are being reminded that smoking or vaping is not allowed on Greater Anglia’s trains or stations, or indeed on trains and stations elsewhere on the rail network. Anyone caught smoking or vaping could be prosecuted and fined up to £200.

Jay Thompson, Greater Anglia train service delivery director, said: “It’s very disappointing that some passengers are smoking in our train toilets.

“This anti-social behaviour leads to delays which affect everyone else travelling on our trains, who may be travelling to work, school, for hospital appointments or to meet family and friends.

“It is against the law to smoke on our trains and stations. We will not hesitate to take action, such as ejecting them from our trains or stations, or reporting them to the British Transport Police, if we catch anyone doing it.

 “I’d appeal to any passenger who suspects someone is smoking or vaping on their train or at a station to report it to the British Transport Police by texting 61016.”

Trains and stations are covered by no smoking laws banning smoking and vaping in enclosed public spaces across the country.