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Thalys renews passenger Wi-Fi contract with Icomera

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Thalys, the high-speed rail operator that operates international services between Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, has renewed its contract with Icomera to continue delivering reliable, high quality passenger Wi-Fi on its services.

Thalys first selected Icomera to operate the Wi-Fi service on board its 26 eight-car train sets in late 2014, with the fleet-wide installation project competed on schedule the following year. Using Icomera’s SureWAN™ technology, which intelligently aggregates the multiple cellular networks available along the train’s route, the European Rail operator has been able to offer a quality onboard Passenger Wi-Fi experience, even during journeys at 300km/h.

Icomera provides wireless Internet connectivity ‘as a service’ to Thalys, an approach that is increasingly favoured by the Industry. Icomera supports the trains’ onboard networks with a suite of fully integrated cloud-based management tools and a 24-hour Network Operations Centre, working 365 days a year. This means that any issues affecting passenger experience are swiftly remedied and, in some cases, averted entirely through pre-emptive action. The decision to extend the partnership allows Thalys to take advantage of the latest advances in wireless Internet technology, and its customers can expect to see an increase in the quality of service.

Bertrand Gosselin, Thalys CEO, said: “At Thalys, we are a forerunner and have been offering Wi-Fi on board our trains since 2008. We are constantly seeking to innovate and providing our customers with a quality experience at 300km/h. Our partnership with Icomera is key with these objectives”.

Icomera CEO Magnus Friberg added: “At ENGIE Solutions and Icomera, we work to promote green and connected mobility that contributes to improving the living environments of users. Aware that the attractiveness of public transport is a natural part of this mission, we are eager to provide Thalys, which is an essential partner in this mission, with all the improvements that will enable it to reaffirm its commitment to quality to its passengers”.