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Alresford station gets accessible wildlife garden

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A new, accessible wildlife garden and bee-friendly sculpture is being installed at Alresford rail station.

Alresford bee friendly sculpture ESSCRP Oct 2020.

Local volunteers, children from Alresford Primary School and the Cobnuts Co-operative have come together with Greater Anglia, the Essex and South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership and the Bee Friendly Trust to install two raised planters filled with bee-friendly plants and a unique sculpture that doubles as a home for wildlife.

Made by the Cobnuts Co-operative, the sculpture is a local eco-arts cooperative. It is being completed in collaboration with help from Alresford Primary pupils and depicts commuters, as well as providing a home for bees who will be able to make holes in the cob to live in.

Local schoolchildren made their own pottery to help complete the large sculpture – which also features a living roof and spaces for bird boxes.

Terri Ryland, Community Rail Partnerships Officer for Essex County Council said, “The work that is done here by local residents and the small team of station adopters is breath-taking and makes Alresford station such a wonderful place to visit.

“The gardens are not only beautiful and interesting but are of real benefit to the community as well, with all the produce that is grown here, and the new garden and sculpture now makes it even more welcoming.”