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Hydrogen-powered train now approved and tested in Austria

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The world’s first hydrogen fuel cell train, Alstom’s Coradia iLint, has just completed three months of successful test operation on ÖBB’s (Austrian Federal Railways) regional lines. In addition, the train has received official approval from the highest railway authority in the country, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK).

As a result, Austria has become the second country in Europe, after Germany, to fully approve of the Coradia iLint as an emission-free alternative to diesel multiple units. Alstom has a world-leading position in hydrogen mobility by rail – no other train manufacturer can currently offer a proven, tested hydrogen train ready for series production.

ÖBB subjected Alstom’s hydrogen train to the three months of testing on four demanding routes in southern Lower Austria, Vienna and eastern Styria. It tested both operability and performance of the new drive technology on steep track sections and under the most varied climatic conditions. Following the successful operation in Austria, the data collected will now be analysed to further perfect the technology for the context.

“We are immensely proud to confirm that the Coradia iLint has proven that it is suitable for all service routes – even on steep sections its performance is convincing. Not to mention our pride in the fact that the train has now received official approval in Austria. I also congratulate OBB for being a pioneer in testing hydrogen technology on rail in Austria,” said Gian Luca Erbacci, senior vice president of Alstom Europe.