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RailStaff Awards celebrates station hero Paul Gregg

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Not all superheroes wear capes, but many of them work in the UK’s railway stations. The award for Station Staff of the year went this year to Paul Gregg from Govia Thameslink Railway.

Paul works at Harpenden station as platform staff, and if you can’t see him, you may well hear him, either whistling a tune or humming. His colleagues often join in without noticing.

Paul is always keen to engage with the public and ensures that he goes beyond expectation, providing customers with a memorable experience while using the service. He is always striving to better himself and has the perfect attitude towards expanding his knowledge through training.

He is always ready to go above and beyond to help colleagues and customers, and possesses a cheery disposition which makes him as popular with staff as it does with customers.

Often when Paul has finished his shift, you’ll still see him at work, either helping a colleague with something or just listening to them. He was even nominated for the RailStaff Awards’ Life saver award, after helping a man who had jumped down onto the tracks.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked,” said Paul, speaking about his award. “This is the last thing I was expecting. Just to be nominated is absolutely amazing – I didn’t realise I was that well appreciated. This whole event is unreal, truly spectacular, and it’s great to see all the finalists and winners here tonight.”

Speaking about the evening, Rob Jones, chair of Transport Benevolent Fund CIO (TBF), and presenter of the Station Staff award, said “It’s hugely important that industry staff are recognised like this. The TBF is delighted to be able to support that and celebrate the hard work that everyone on the railway does, day in day out, to transport millions of people.”

TBF sponsored this year’s award. The organisation offers a wide range of benefits including health, legal advice, convalescence and cash help to its members and their dependants. It exists to relieve need, hardship and distress among those who work in the public transport industry (or are retired from it) and there to help when things are not going so well.

Highly commended
All frontline station staff that worked through covid, all TOC companies, and Network Rail
Sheree Whetren, South Western Railway