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QTS MD Alan McLeish awarded for lifetime achievement

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The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises those who’ve dedicated their lives to the railway, delivering excellence for the benefit of customers and colleagues alike.

It reflects the passion and commitment of those who’ve given countless hours manning trains, selling tickets, operating signals, building trains and track, and everything inbetween.

This year’s winner, Alan McLeish, is a true inspiration. The managing director of QTS Group, Alan started the business with a £300 loan in 1992, giving up his steady, full-time employment as a tree surgeon to pursue his business ambitions. Thirty years on, QTS employs over 600 people across the UK, boasting a turnover of more than £100 million annually.

Alan is also a powerhouse of philanthropy, personally contributing over £100,000 to charity over the years. He drives the charitable work displayed by QTS in local communities, ensuring that the success of our business benefits those who need it most. The contribution Alan has made to the rail industry, to his staff, and to the wider community is outstanding.

“I’m absolutely humbled to have won this award,” said Alan, “especially considering all the other candidates who are all so worthy of recognition. I’m delighted.

“The RailStaff Awards are so important. Everybody in the industry deserves to be recognised and to get the chance to let their hair down, especially after the past couple of years. Events like this are vital.”

Top communications technology company Telent backed the Lifetime Achievement Award. Telent is a leading technology company and specialist in the design, build, support and management of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure, drawing on decades of experience in mission critical communications and technology. Telent enables organisations to create, improve, and operate the ICT and communication networks that their businesses and operations depend on.

“The rail industry is critically important to the UK as a key enabler of economic growth and development,” said chief executive officer Jo Gretton. “It’s an industry which offers a vast variety of opportunities for people to explore life-long careers, and the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by all of those people is second to none. 

“It’s brilliant that the Rail Staff Awards highlight the depth and strength of talent throughout the rail sector. In a tough field of competitors, Alan McLeish’s vision, innovation, and drive for his business, combined with his focus on people development and his fantastic charity work, made him the standout choice for this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Highly commended
Andy Nwichi-Holdsworth, Network Rail
Vicki Beadle, Network Rail