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TBF celebrates station staff

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The Transport Benevolent Fund CIO (generally known just as TBF), has stepped up once again to sponsor this year’s Station Staff of the Year Award.

The non-profit-making membership charity provides relief from hardship and distress among those who work in (or are retired from) the public transport industry and its related services. TBF is here to help out when things aren’t going so well, offering a wide range of benefits including health, welfare, and financial support, including a comprehensive range of complementary therapies, legal advice, convalescence and bereavement grants to its members and their dependants.

Run by a board of Trustees, the majority of whom work in the industry and decide on all benefits, TBF’s patrons include leading figures in the major transport groups and trades unions. The Fund is open to anyone engaged in the public transport industry in Great Britain; membership costs £1.25 a week, covering the member, their live-in partner and dependent children. Each family member is considered separately, and benefits paid are not cumulative for the whole family.

Numerous public transport employers have opted to pay for TBF membership for its employees as part of their employment package. Moving forward, TBF is encouraging further companies to take up this option.

TBF was founded in 1923 by the predecessors of Transport for London (TfL) to relieve cases of necessity among its members and to meet their needs for convalescence or surgical equipment. As TBF celebrates its centenary, public transport employees, unfortunately, continue to endure hardship, particularly after the tumultuous events of the past few years. TBF currently has over 58,000 members and the continuing relevance of the Fund’s work is best illustrated by the volume of awards to members; TBF is looking to spend £2.9 million on direct benefits to its beneficiary in 2023/24.

Last year, the Station Staff of the Year Award, sponsored by TBF, was taken home by Paul Gregg from Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). Always keen to engage with the public and go above and beyond expectation, Paul was honoured for always providing customers with a memorable experience.

Ever eager to help colleagues and customers, Paul’s cheery disposition makes him as popular with staff as with customers. Often, when his shift is over, you’ll still see Paul at work, either helping a colleague with something or just listening to them. He was even nominated for last year’s Life saver award, after helping a man who had jumped down onto the tracks.

In recognition of the valuable work carried out by all those working in the rail sector, TBF is a long-term supporter of the RailStaff Awards. “It’s hugely important that industry staff are recognised like this,” says TBF chair Rob Jones. “TBF is delighted to be able to support that and celebrate the hard work that everyone on the railway does, day in, day out, to transport millions of people.”

The Transport Benevolent Fund CIO, known as TBF, is a registered charity in England and Wales, 1160901 and Scotland, SC047016.