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Clear communications carry the day

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Our rail network is kept running safely by many talented teams and individuals who don’t often get the praise they deserve. The Digital Railway Person or Team Award celebrates these behind-the-scenes heroes and highlights their critical work.

This year, Scotland’s Railway Communication Team received the Digital Railway Person or Team Award for their monumental efforts in keeping the public up to date with the latest information during the Autumn’s storms.

The severe weather that hit Scotland between 6-8 October 2023 caused line closures and damage for several days, but ScotRail was met with almost universal praise and support from the public. All those involved at Network Rail Scotland and ScotRail gave a stunning display of how to look after people during disruption.

The outstanding communication teams at Network Rail Scotland and ScotRail went over and above to provide passengers and staff with information, updates, and visuals. Their actions ensured the decisions taken by leaders were fully appreciated, understood, and supported.

“It’s great to win, and it’s nice to know that the work we’re doing is being noticed and recognised, said Ciaran McGilp, senior media relations manager at Network Rail. “Going forward, we’re going to continue the great work we’re doing between ScotRail and Network Rail to keep everyone informed of what’s happening, through whatever channels are available.”

Thales Ground Transportation Systems UK was proud to support this year’s Digital Railway Person or Team Award. Thales GTS provides technology and services to rail infrastructure providers and operators globally and is a leader in providing signalling systems to ensure the safety of passengers and freight operators. Among other solutions in the UK, Thales provides safety systems including Train Protection Warning System (TPWS), the system that operates much of the tube and the DLR, and the national real time train information system that powers the various station and online applications to help passengers plan and keep up-to-date with their journey.

David Taylor, account director Mainline Rail for Thales GTS said on the evening: “I am honoured to be one of the judges and present the award. I’m delighted that Ciaran and Emily got the top prize award and that Rebecca Meecham is highly commended. The Comms team in Scotland do an excellent job in keeping the passengers up-to-date and its clear this is appreciated by the comments from passengers included within the nomination submission. Well done to the Scotland’s Railway Comms team, Network Rail Scotland, and ScotRail for working in harmony to ensure passengers have the right information especially during times of disruption.”

Highly commended:
Rebecca Meechan, Network Rail
Dean Bolton, Transport for Wales