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Young Rail Professionals: Showcasing the industry

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Bonnie Price, chair of the Young Rail Professionals (YRP) takes a look at Rail Week 2024 and looks forward to the YRP Annual Dinner on 14 March.

Railweek got off to a great start this year! Our Railweek lead James Shanley said: “One of the reasons I began working in the rail industry is that I was captivated by the exciting opportunity to travel by train as a child. A passion that was ignited over 20 years ago, in no small part due to some family members, never waned.

“As a means of transport and as an industry to work in, rail offers so much to society and gives me such satisfaction knowing that I do a job that will ultimately make travel, more secure, accessible, and greener for future generations.

It is this passion that also drives me for the Railweek initiative. It is designed at its core to encourage people to the industry by showcasing some of the most interesting areas of our industry. I want future generations to feel the way I do about the possibilities rail can offer and, as part of that, show people that pursuing a career in rail is not only exciting and interesting, but really rewarding too.”

Martin Fenner.

Encouraging a more diverse and younger workforce is key to ensuring the industry has a healthy future. I’m so proud of this year’s events, which have been ably planned and organised by so many dedicated volunteers within YRP’s regions. It would be impossible for me to name everyone, but to all the regional leads and those who supported them, I am immensely grateful. And if our efforts with those events encourage just one more person to think of a career in rail, whether it’s in Comms, HR, Engineering, or Planning to name just a few, that is how I would mark Railweek as a success. If you would like to see what amazing events are taking place, see the YRP events page for events in your region ranging from depot tours and site visits, to tech talks and panel discussions.

From the end of Railweek (Friday 9 Feb), we are launching the YRP Alumni Initiative. This programme is designed to bring together seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for more than 10 years. The initiative aims to provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among esteemed individuals in the rail sector. It will also be an inclusive space for our past and present committee members, corporate members, and YRP individuals.

As part of the Young Rail Professionals Alumni Initiative, four exclusive networking events will be held across the UK each year. These events will serve as a continuation of the remarkable networking experiences witnessed at the annual dinner and awards, fostering meaningful connections and expanding professional networks within the industry.

You can sign up here for this first of its kind event:

Looking to mid-March, the Young Rail Professionals (YRP) Annual Dinner is a highly anticipated event, bringing together young professionals, industry leaders, and key stakeholders for an evening of networking, knowledge sharing, and celebration.

Martin Fenner, founder of Tilt Consulting and co-founder of YRP said: “At the Young Rail Professionals Annual Dinner and Awards, we celebrate the spirit of engineering innovation that propels our industry forward. This event serves as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of young professionals who are at the forefront of shaping the future of rail. By honouring their groundbreaking contributions, the YRP aims to inspire a culture of continuous innovation and technological advancement within the rail sector. Through their pioneering work, these individuals are not only driving progress but also redefining the possibilities for the future of rail transportation, ensuring that our industry remains at the cutting edge of engineering excellence.”

First and foremost, the YRP Annual Dinner provides an excellent platform for businesses to expand their professional network. The event attracts a diverse range of attendees, including representatives from rail companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and industry associations. This creates a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with potential clients, partners, and collaborators. Building strong relationships within the industry can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations on projects, and access to valuable resources and expertise.

Furthermore, the YRP Annual Dinner offers a conducive environment for knowledge sharing and learning. The event often features keynote speeches and panel discussions by industry experts, providing insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the rail sector. Attending these sessions allows businesses to stay up-to-date on industry developments, gain valuable knowledge, and identify potential areas for growth and innovation.

Rob Mullen.

In addition to networking and knowledge sharing, the YRP Annual Dinner also serves as a platform for businesses to showcase their brand and expertise. Sponsorship opportunities are available, allowing companies to gain visibility and recognition among industry professionals. By aligning their brand with YRP, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to supporting young talent and the future of the rail industry, enhancing their reputation and credibility.

From a recruitment perspective, attending the YRP Annual Dinner can be advantageous for businesses looking to attract top talent. The event attracts a large number of young professionals who are passionate about the rail industry. Engaging with these individuals allows businesses to showcase their company culture, career opportunities, and development programs. This can help attract talented individuals who are aligned with the company’s values and goals, contributing to the growth and success of the business.

Rob Mullen, managing director of c2c Rail (Trenitalia) and YRP co-founder and chair (2009-2010) said:

“At the Young Rail Professionals Annual Dinner and Awards, the YRP commends the dedication of young professionals who are driving operational efficiency within the rail industry. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and optimisation is instrumental in shaping a more sustainable and resilient rail network. By recognising their achievements, YRP aims to spotlight the critical role of operational efficiency in ensuring the industry’s long-term success. Through their innovative approaches and best practices, these individuals are setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and performance, ultimately contributing to a more effective and responsive rail system that meets the evolving needs of society.”

Finally, the YRP Annual Dinner provides a platform for businesses to contribute to the development of the rail industry. By attending and actively participating in the event, companies can contribute to discussions on industry challenges, share best practices, and collaborate on finding innovative solutions. This not only benefits the industry as a whole but also positions businesses as thought leaders and influencers within the rail sector.

Attending the Young Rail Professionals Annual Dinner, from a network perspective, offers numerous benefits for businesses. It provides opportunities to expand professional networks, gain industry insights, showcase expertise, attract top talent, and contribute to the development of the rail industry. By actively participating in this event, businesses can strengthen their position within the industry and open doors to new opportunities for growth and success.

We hope to see you there!

Image credit: Young Rail Professionals