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RailStaff Awards 2024 – Show your support

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The rail industry has its fair share of awards ceremonies, but the RailStaff Awards are completely different from the rest. For a start, how many awards nights involve an indoor fun fair?

The RailStaff Awards is the only event that solely honours the industry’s incredible employees – the teams and individuals who keep everything running to plan. You won’t find an award for a company or organisation, only for their hard-working staff.

The entire evening is devoted to those who go beyond their role, whether that’s supporting their colleagues, helping society at large, or just making customer’s days a little brighter.

You’re bound to have a co-worker who deserves some recognition. Go on, nominate them in one of our categories today:


  • Apprentice of the Year Award
  • Charity Award
  • Customer Service Person or Team Award
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Person or Team Award
  • Graduate of the Year Award
  • Health & Wellbeing Person or Team Award
  • HR, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Person or Team Award
  • Innovation & Technology Person or Team Award
  • Learning, Development & Investing in People Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Rail Engineer of the Year Award
  • Rail Manager of the Year Award
  • Rail Person of the Year Award
  • Rail Team of the Year Award
  • Rolling Stock, Freight & Depot Person or Team Award
  • Safety Person or Team Award
  • Samaritans Lifesaver Award
  • Station Staff Person or Team Award
  • Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Person or Team Award

Nominate today

Team and individuals can be nominated by co-workers, managers, friends, union reps, even the general public. You can’t nominate yourself though, that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the event.

Once we’ve received all of your nominations, the public voting begins. Anyone can go onto www.railstaffawards.com and cast their vote, whether that’s for an entry that really captures their imagination or just to show support for a friend or colleague.

With all the public votes collected, an independent judging panel will deliberate on the top 15 nominees in each category. The judging teams choose a winner and up to two ‘highly commended’ entries, all to be revealed on the night of the event.

Support the Awards

The RailStaff Awards is a spectacular evening and a celebration of the people who make rail great. All attendees are guaranteed an exquisite dining experience and exhilarating entertainment, leaving with the wonderful glow of having championed their peers.

But the Awards wouldn’t be possible without the stalwart support of the industry, and there are plenty of options for sponsorship.

To date, sponsors for the 2024 RailStaff Awards include:

  • Bodyguard Workwear
  • Freightliner Group
  • GeoAccess
  • Land Recovery Limited
  • Rail Engineer
  • RailwayPeople
  • Train’d Up Railway Resourcing
  • Transport Benevolent Fund CIO (TBF)

Thank you all for stepping up to support the event at this early stage.

Whether your organisation would like to back an individual award, or the support the event as a whole, we look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch at www.railstaffawards.com/contact-us.