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Bridgeway on a Mission

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A new media system at Bridgeway Consulting is helping improve safety on the railway.

The Mission Room is a unique and revolutionary media delivery system providing full 360° images, video and sound in a fully interactive and dynamic environment.

It can be used for some of the following applications:

  • Site induction and briefings
  • Emergency preparation
  • Planning
  • Training

Bridgeway developed the new system in association with AIMS Solutions.

The Mission Room allows users to instantly experience many hazardous sites in total safety. User activity is fully logged and auditable and provides a cost-effective way of rapidly building spatial understanding of real sites.

The Mission Room is available in different forms to suit many work environments and also provides flexibility for many applications, they are:

1. Arena – purpose built indoor Mission Room

2. Mobile – outdoor version of Mission Room

3. Open – A 2D version of the Mission Room

For a demonstration of the Mission Room, please contact Satnam Thiara 0115 919 1111.


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