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Work started this month on repairing the collapsed embankment, known as ‘Chicken Curve’ just north of Winchcombe on the volunteer-run Gloucester and Warwickshire Steam Railway.

The embankment collapsed in January 2011 and severed the railway in two. Since the collapse started the embankment has continued to move.

The £670,000 project involves stabilising the embankment. The company needs another £170,000 to complete the work and re-connect the separated parts of the railway.

The work will involve digging out a substantial part of the failed earthworks and rebuilding with new material.

Other parts of the embankment will be stabilised using high-tech solutions such as ‘soil nails’ which extend through the embankment into the ground beneath, holding the embankment in place. The project also includes substantial drainage works.

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  1. It would be interesting to have a cost comparison between a similar project done by Network Rail and this one. One suspects that here and on the Severn Valley Railway where reinstatement of several slips cost a mere £3M , that the equivalent NR cost would have run into millions more!


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