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Top Performance for London Underground

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London Underground is on target to achieve its most reliable year for ten years.

Passenger numbers are soaring and average delays are at their lowest since 2003/4 according to the latest performance figures for the Tube.

Hard work by London Underground staff has seen customer satisfaction for the third quarter of 2011/12 power up to the highest level ever achieved for this part of the year.

The figures are good news for TfL which took on the Underground ten years ago. The news comes ahead of the London Olympics and as London Underground prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary next year.

Says Mike Brown, Managing Director London Underground, ‘We know what a vital year this is for the capital and we are focused 100 per cent on delivering an even more reliable service for Londoners and the millions of people looking forward to the London 2012 Games.

‘The latest figures show that our commitment to drive up reliability is paying dividends, and we will continue to build on these impressive results.’

A range of new techniques are being brought in to predict when maintenance on the lines is required in order to prevent unexpected equipment failure. This includes advanced signal monitoring technology and automated track monitoring systems.

Staff training is focusing on keeping passengers better informed. Many LUL staff now have radios. London Underground is increasing its incident response capabilities and plans to place engineering and operations staff in one command and control centre so it can speed up the time it takes to recover from incidents.


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