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Weatherley launches Weather Eye

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Hove MP, Mike Weatherley has launched Southern’s Eyewitness safety initiative at Hove railway station.

Mr Weatherley joined Southern Rail staff to launch the low-level crime reporting system which operates by email.

Passengers using services between Hove and Warblington along Southern’s West Coastway route can report suspicious behaviour in confidence.

The scheme is based on a highly successful in-house system whereby rail staff can email members of Southern’s Safer Travel and Revenue Protection Teams to report incidents of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fare evasion.

The system allows safety personnel to respond quickly. It can also identify crime hotspots and enable the more intelligent deployment of Rail Neighbourhood Officers and Revenue Protection Officers.

Following a successful public trial on the Arun Valley Line, Southern has decided to roll out the scheme to the remainder of the Southern network, starting with the West Coastway.

Says Mike Weatherley, ‘The Eyewitness scheme uses technology in a clever way to share information on those causing anti-social behaviour on our train services. It is an inexpensive system to crack down on what is a significant problem. I welcome this pro-active initiative wholeheartedly.’

Passengers witnessing crime between Hove and Warblington stations can report what they’ve seen, where they saw it, when they saw it and a brief description of the offenders by sending an e-mail to the dedicated address found on posters at leaflets at staffed stations between the two stations.


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