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Arresting fashion

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British Transport Police officers are cutting a dash this spring with new uniforms designed to be more practical and hard wearing.

Open neck wicking shirts replace the traditional collar and tie – retained for formal occasions.

There is no change to headgear, with helmets and flat caps worn in England and Wales and flat caps in Scotland.

The new utility uniform tops are black for police officers with the text ‘Police’ on the upper-arm. PCSOs have a blue top with ‘Community Support Officer’ on the upper-arm.

BTP has around 2,400 uniformed police officers serving across England, Wales and Scotland, together with almost 300 police community support officers (PCSOs). A further 400+ officers work in CID.


  1. I wonder if it’s about time that the notion of a ceremonial uniform for the police was put to rest. By definition it is not an “action dress” so just as factory workers who wear overalls when on duty wear their own clothes for formal occasions we should consider why the taxpayer has to foot the bill for an extra, little used suit etc. and why the officer has to store it. If a uniform has to be worn for work it should be for all purposes.


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