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High Speed won

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Network Rail has retained the contract to maintain and operate High Speed 1 until 2025.

HS1 Ltd, the owners of Britain’s first and only high speed railway, signed the new deal with Network Rail following the successful first five years of operation.

HS1 and St Pancras International formally opened in 2007.

Says Nicola Shaw, chief executive, HS1 Ltd: “We conducted an extensive market review and knew that we had alternatives. However, the quality of delivery from Network Rail (CTRL) has been good over the last few years and this deal offered real benefits to us and to our customers. We’ve now got a decade of certainty on which to work together to improve the line even further and to welcome more growth.”

HS1 remains among the world’s most reliable railways with an average train delay of between six and eight seconds. Passenger numbers continue to grow year on year. Network Rail operates, maintains and renews the High Speed 1 railway through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Network Rail (CTRL).


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