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TBF backs Station Staff of the Year

The Transport Benevolent Fund (TBF) is backing the Station Staff of the Year Award at this year’s RailStaff Awards.

Tom O’Connor, managing director of the Rail Media Group, which is organising the RailStaff Awards, said: “For most passengers their first point of contact with the railway is through rail staff at stations. Often overlooked at a busy terminus or commuter stations, they are the heroes quietly helping passengers on their way. Station staff make great ambassadors for the industry and we owe them a tremendous debt.

“It is a special privilege to have the Transport Benevolent Fund, which has done so much down the years to help railway people and their dependants. The RailStaff Awards is about the people who deliver the railways. The TBF is a charity which has been there for many years helping the same people and their families.”

The Transport Benevolent Fund is a registered charity and offers a wide range of benefits including health, legal advice, convalescence and cash help to its members and their dependants.

The TBF is run by Trustees who understand the industry and the needs of staff.

TBF is here to support those who work in the public transport industry when they are in need, hardship or distress. Almost anyone who works in the industry may join TBF. If you are a member of the TBF, you may choose to continue your membership in retirement. It is not possible to join once you have retired. Contributions to the TBF are £1 a week. Please contact TBF for more details. When you die your family will normally continue to be treated as dependants in accordance with the TBF rules.

Chris Godbold, director of the fund, said: “Many of our members have been involved in, or started their career at, a railway station. TBF exists to help all people in the railway industry. We are pleased to be involved in the RailStaff Awards and to help celebrate the achievements of ordinary men and women who make this such a great industry.”

The Transport Benevolent Fund was originally established to help families of London public transport workers serving in the First World War. A permanent trust was set up in 1923.

TBF has been helping public transport workers for nearly 90 years. In recent years TBF has shown extensive growth nationally and now has members in most parts of England, Scotland and Wales.


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