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Rail Vehicle Enhancements 2012

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All train operators strive to improve their passenger experience. Comfortable and happy passengers are likely to travel again, and it is a major way to secure repeat business.

Rail Vehicle Enhancements 2012 is a new initiative, aiming at helping all those involved with making sure that passengers feel comfortable and safe during their journey. Running in two locations, London and Derby, on successive days 3rd and 4th October, RVE2012 will introduce the latest technology – available today.

Environmental systems, to keep passengers cool, will be alongside other technologies intending to keep those same passengers informed. There will also be CCTV installations, sending live pictures to an off-train control centre, and automatic passenger counters ensure that operators know all they need to about train loadings.

Passenger expectations

As well as a good travelling experience, passengers expect value for money within the ticket price. Train loading is key in certain areas, as is maximising revenue by targeting fare dodgers or planning services without the cost of consultancies modelling predicted passenger numbers when real information can be available.

Many of these technologies bring social benefits such as reducing carbon foot print whilst also delivering sound economic business cases for implementation based on reduction of fuel use, safety or by providing advertising revenue streams.

Multiple Systems

The ability to support a multiplicity of systems on train is now all the easier by installing on the train, hard wired ethernet connections between equipment, ensuring the installation costs are minimised by utilising a common platform.

The need to keep rolling stock in continued service means that investment in rolling stock assets is essential to ensure that they are up to date, meet passenger expectation and are sought after by train operators. These initiatives make it all the more timely to take the opportunity to overlay maintenance and refurbishment with enhancement programmes.

The companies that can provide the products that deliver all of these train enhancements and more are assembling at Rail Vehicle Enhancements 2012. See for yourself, at the Grand Connaught Rooms, London, on 3rd of October and at the Ramada Encore Hotel, Pride Park, Derby on 4th October.


  1. We are pleased to be joined at RVE2012 by h2gogo who will be exhibiting their proven hydrogen generator for Diesel Multiple Unit applications.


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