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Record membership for TBF

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Wayne Probert, a trackman with network Rail at crewe, has become the 40,000th member of the Transport Benevolent Fund.

Mr Probert signed up on 28th March. Says Chris Godbold, Director of the Fund, ‘We now have more than 2,000 members in Network Rail and I’m glad that our membership campaigns are leading to such growth throughout the transport industry. We expect to recruit several thousand more new members in 2013.’

TBF’s Patrons now include Professor Richard Parry-Jones, Chairman of Network Rail. The Transport Benevolent Fund has been going in various forms since 1923 when it was started by the predecessors of Transport for London. Coming in the Fund’s 90th anniversary year, the achievement is therefore of double significance.

Membership turnover – people leaving the service, passing away, etc – means that a great many more than 40,000 railway staff have joined the Fund over the years. However at the time Wayne signed up he became the 40,000th active contributing member.

TBF supports those who work in the public transport industry in Great Britain when they are in need, hardship or distress. Almost anyone who works in the industry may join. TBF is a registered charity.


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