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Round one to High Speed 2

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HS2 Ltd has opened a Birmingham office to co-ordinate operations. In nine out of ten challenges the courts found for the scheme. The tenth concerned the way in which property compensation consultation had been carried out. In order to save time and public money and to limit the impact on residents affected, the Secretary of State has decided that instead of appealing this decision the government will re- run this consultation in line with the judge’s findings.

Says Rail Minister, Simon Burns, ‘This is a major landmark victory for HS2 and the future of Britain. The judge has categorically given the green light for the government to press ahead without delay in building a high speed railway from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

‘HS2 is the most significant infrastructure investment the UK has seen in modern times and a project the country cannot afford to do without. The judgement ensures that nothing now stands in the way of taking our plans to Parliament. We will now move forward as planned with the crucial business of getting the scheme ready for construction in 2017 and delivering enormous benefits for the country.’

Mr Burns will be speaking at the rail engineer seminars on day one of the Railtex exhibition at Earls Court in London on 30th April.


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