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New proposals for Euston Station, southern terminus of High Speed Two, worked out by the innovative design team at HS2 Ltd will save time and money.

Better still the station will be better able to remain fully functional during the addition of tracks and platforms accommodating the new railway to the west of the station. Under new proposals this will be achieved without the need to lower and rebuild all the existing platforms.

The original plan envisaged a complete rebuild of Euston Station, including all existing platforms. The new plans are designed to make sure Euston is ready for the opening of the new railway in 2026 and that disruption is kept to a minimum in the interim.

The current station was put up in the 1960s and is a far cry from the grace and splendour of the original station. However a new station facade and concourse will combine both the new and the existing Euston giving more space and light. Underground a new ticket hall will be created with a sub-surface pedestrian link between Euston and Euston Square Tube.

Says HS2 Ltd chief executive, Alison Munro, ‘HS2 will be an engine for growth that supports the creation of thousands of jobs for Londoners, provides extra space on the existing lines for more commuter services, and improved connectivity with our great northern cities.

‘In response to community concerns about the potential disruption caused by the redevelopment of Euston Station, and following more work done by our engineers to find the best way to deliver best value for taxpayers, we have identified an option that delivers great opportunities for the area while minimising the potential effects on local communities in Camden and on passengers.

‘We are looking at an option for Euston Station which would see new platforms built as part of an integrated, redeveloped station with a combined concourse, new western entrance and improved facilities across the integrated terminus.’

She added, ‘We also realise the importance Camden Council places on over-station development, and our proposal for Euston enables this, with potential for future homes, businesses and open space.’

Under the new proposal platforms 1-15 will be retained. To the west of the station 13 new longer platforms will be built for HS2.


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