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York venue for Women in Rail

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Women in Rail held its first development workshop in York recently.

Karen Boswell, Managing Director of East Coast Main Line and Malcolm Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Angel Trains headlined the event. 90 people attended the inaugural conference.

Women In Rail is an industry- wide movement working to further the involvement and success of women in the rail industry. Women represent approximately 17.8% of today’s rail industry workforce.

Says Adeline Ginn, chair of the Women in Rail Group, ‘We’re delighted that this inaugural workshop had so much interest and that 90 women from all backgrounds and levels within the rail industry chose to participate.

‘Having the support of Karen Boswell and Malcolm Brown was essential in helping women feel comfortable about talking about their lack of self-confidence. All the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive which is very encouraging and we have been asked to repeat the event next year for the benefit of the women who were unable to attend.

‘Giving women the tools to overcome any lack of self- confidence is crucial in helping them realise their full career potential. This includes taking progressive steps to get out of their comfort zone, be assured in their skills and abilities and reframe anxiety as excitement. This will of course be helped with regular feedback from a trusted source and support such as a manager or mentor.’


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