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Chinese cheer for HS2

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Chinese money could be used to fund HS2. China has built an extensive high speed network and is looking to expand overseas.

Says Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, ‘The two sides (Britain and China) have agreed to push for breakthroughs and progress in the co-operation between our enterprises on nuclear power and high-speed rail.

‘The Chinese side is willing to not only participate in but also purchase equities and stocks in UK power projects. We have become indispensable partners for each other’s development. China and the UK must treat each other as equals.’ Mr Cameron had earlier gone on record as welcoming potential Chinese investment in British infrastructure projects. ‘I’m very interested in what’s happening in terms of high-speed rail in China. It seems to be an absolute high- speed revolution taking place. In terms of HS2. I very much welcome Chinese investment into British infrastructure.’

China now accounts for 45% of the world’s high speed railways. Speaking in China, Mr. Cameron said, ‘China’s transformation is industrial revolution of two one of the defining facts of our centuries ago. I see China’s rise as lifetime. The pace and scale of an opportunity not just for the economic development and people of this country but for urbanisation dwarfs the British Britain and for the world.’

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