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Spanish Freight for HS1

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More London-bound fresh food and car parts from Valencia in Spain are being carried on High Speed One following a deal between HS1 and DB Schenker Rail (UK).

The freight trains speeding up High Speed One to East London are making good use of the Channel Tunnel and HS1’s European loading gauge. This means freight services can use the wider and higher European-sized wagons employed on the continent.

The extra traffic marks a successful new year’s resolution for HS1 which has been working behind the scenes with rail freight operators to open new markets and more paths across HS1 and Europe.

Says HS1’s Nicola Shaw, ‘HS1 is delighted to welcome additional DB Schenker Rail (UK) freight services onto the high speed line. This is a big step up for freight on HS1, and is an area in which we continue to grow.

‘The new contract demonstrates the value of the high speed network in the UK. Due to size dimensions of the freight, it is something that can only be carried in the UK on the high speed network, offering the shipper a seamless European rail service.

We enjoy a good relationship with DB Schenker Rail (UK) and have always maintained that a partnership approach is crucial to the long term success of the HS1.’


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