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Rail Alliance supports RailStaff Awards

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The Rail Alliance is delighted to be associated with the RailStaff Awards 2014 and will be co-sponsoring the expanded event this year at Coventry. Chief Executive, Colin Flack will be hosting the evening and bringing a reassuring sense of order to the proceedings.

The Rail Alliance joins Network Rail and London Underground as high profile supporters of the RailStaff Awards 2014.

Says Colin, ‘2014 is proving to be a gateway year for the rail industry. The start of CP5 (Control Period 5 – April 2014 – March 2019) this April marks the ramping up of sustained and expanding investment in the rail industry.

Our aim at the Rail Alliance is to help the rail industry draw upon the great strengths of our members through supportive networking, innovation and shared knowledge. Rail has a huge capacity challenge – not only on the ground but in terms of its supporting industries being able to deliver the railway of the future. Our aim is get more companies involved in railways by demonstrating how to engage with the industry as well as flagging up the great opportunities on offer.’

The Rail Alliance is an integral and important part of the rapidly growing new rail industry. Railways need better communications and better networking as all participants come together to expand the industry. The Rail Alliance spans all aspects of the Rail Sector enabling companies and individuals to network, collaborate, and innovate with both suppliers and customers thriving.

Says Tom O’Connor of the Rail Media Group, ‘The support of the Rail Alliance is an essential and established element of the RailStaff Awards. It demonstrates the togetherness of an industry which works together, pulls together and at the RailStaff Awards celebrates together. Colin’s role as compère provides a reassuring touch for us all – many of the award winners are not used to taking centre stage. Colin guides them through the glare of the spotlight and deafening applause with dexterity and kindness – we couldn’t do without him.’

The Rail Alliance offers an expanding range of contacts, a successful programme of networking events, rail-focused seminars and a growing number of knowledge transfer partnerships with academe.

The Rail Alliance has something for everyone in the rail sector… whether you are a sole trader, a family business, a ‘classic’ small business (Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)), or a multinational/global business (Large Enterprise) looking for a new and refreshing way to communicate to, and work with, the rail sector.

Adds Colin, ‘The basic aim of the Rail Alliance is to help you to understand the new rail industry, providing sound and impartial advice, business information and a picture of the wide range of assistance available.’


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