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Hiring talent is one of the most laborious and time consuming processes that every organisation goes through. Not only can the process be noticeably challenging, you may also be unable to reach the talent that can make the biggest difference to your business.

So what are the benefits of considering outside expertise to help find the best staff? Carl Taylor of advance Training & Recruitment Services explains.

Specialist Knowledge

The consultants at advance-TRS pride themselves on their expert knowledge of the rail industry and the specific sectors in which they operate. Their immersion within key sectors keeps them abreast of the whereabouts of the biggest talents; they’ll essentially be your eyes and ears within the industry.

Their knowledge enables them to provide guidance and advice to clients, whether it’s salary and rate recommendations, the complexities of hiring within the current market or understanding the present day skill sets of the workforce.

Extended Reach

The best recruiters have established relationships with the top talent within the industry and will know how best to reach out to them. These top candidates may also be more willing to trust the recommendations of a recruiter they have previously worked with.

Recruiters are also able to tap into the huge pool of ‘passive’ candidates not actively applying for new jobs. Around 60 per cent of the current workforce is not actively pursuing a new career but may be willing to consider the right opportunity if it is presented to them; this is a massive untapped market for many businesses.

Advertising job vacancies is also quickly and efficiently handled through multiple media platforms including job boards, print advertising and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, enabling your vacancies to reach more candidates, much faster.

Time Effective

The phrase ‘time = money’ is astute, if your recruitment process is ineffective, you’re essentially throwing money away. A recruiter immersed within their sector will be able to provide you with a number of high- calibre candidates within the space of a couple of days.

Consider also that the number of applicants per vacancy has risen dramatically throughout the economic downturn. This has resulted in an increase in wasted time spent trawling through piles of CVs, many of which are no where near suitable for your vacancies. Recruiters are experts at swiftly qualifying CVs, reducing a stack of applications down to only a few, retaining only the best applicants. Recruitment consultancies will also save you time and money by undertaking references, collecting competency certificates and eligibility documents whilst also arranging medicals, drug/alcohol tests and training courses for the candidate.

Talk to the Specialists

Are you looking for a recruitment partner to find the best talent for your business? advance-TRS are expert recruiters based solely within the UK’s £44 billion rail industry. They are members of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), a badge of quality ensuring clients are represented by a company on the frontier of recruitment excellence.

Get in touch with advance-TRS today by calling 01483 361 061 or e-mail: [email protected] for a further discussion about how they can help with your recruitment in 2015.


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