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Healthier and happier lives

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The health and wellbeing of employees is a critical concern for the rail industry. Physical and mental health problems can have the same devastating impact and for this reason the RailStaff Awards celebrates those who seek to protect and support their colleagues.

The Health & Wellbeing Award is for those who have gone the extra mile to promote good practice. It rewards the innovative and proactive activities that enable rail staff to lead healthier and happier lives.

In the face of tough competition, Railway Mission’s Chaplain Team received the award on the night.
Through its innovative and proactive initiatives, the Railway Mission Chaplain Team has not only promoted excellent practices but has also transformed the lives of countless individuals within the railway industry. Railway Mission’s remarkable contributions around health and wellbeing have made a profound impact on the physical and mental health of railway employees, enabling individuals to lead healthier and happier lives, and ultimately saving lives within the industry.

“Winning this award demonstrates that the industry values what we do, even though there is so much that we can’t tell people because of confidentiality,” said Executive Director Liam Johnston.

“It’s great that we’re recognised, and that people really do appreciate the support that we provide.”

The award was sponsored by Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), the UK’s largest rail company, which operates Southern, Thameslink, Great Northern, and Gatwick Express services.

Health, Safety & Security Director Samantha Facey presented the award. “I’m delighted that the Railway Mission Chaplain Team won the award tonight,” she said. “The work they do is so important to the entire industry.

“The railway industry is recovering from the events of the past few years and there are people out there really struggling. Railway Mission thoroughly deserves all the high praise for the work it does. These people really are the unsung heroes.”

Highly commended
Stuart Young, Iain Perry, and Rik Mostert, GTR
Sheree Whetren, South Western Railway