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Supporting the learning journey

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Learning and development is a critical part of life in any industry. All new employees need training, not just to do their jobs but on the safety aspects of what they will be required to do. Then there is career development. All staff expect to progress through their careers, picking up new skills, and facing new challenges.

Chris Crawley and the City and Guilds Impact Team were proud to receive this year’s Learning, Development & Investing in People Award. The City & Guilds Impact Team is committed to helping people into a job, on the job, and into the next job. From being pioneers of rail traineeships through to supporting ex-offenders into the rail sector, the team goes above and beyond to equip individuals with the skills needed to succeed.

Chris lives and breathes the journey of learners entering the Rail Industry. He works closely with employers ensuring that course contents give the learners the best opportunity and continues to support learners once they have completed their course.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked,” he said. “Words can’t describe how I’m feeling at the moment. I want to thank everybody at City & Guilds, everyone at Intertain, everybody that I work with, my family, kids, everyone.

“We’ve been able to change peoples lives and give them an opportunity to gain training and employment. The employers themselves should be recognised for helping individuals who may not have a job, and supporting them to go on and build a career.”

Tony Kearns, managing director of award sponsor Rhomberg Sersa, presented the award. As a leading international railway construction company, Rhomberg Sersa is aware of its responsibility towards people as well as towards resources and the environment. That’s why it does everything it can to constantly optimise the railway infrastructure – with innovative concepts, high-quality solutions, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

“Learning, development and investment in people has been instrumental throughout my career and I am delighted to hand out this award,” said Tony. “Chris and the City and Guilds Impact Team are doing some great work in this area and worthy winners – well done!”

Highly commended
James Beckingham, GTR
Alina-Florentina Lighean, AtkinsRéalis